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Discover women’s ready to wear collections, available now at Explore luxury crafted dresses, tops, skirts and shorts, home collection, signature Fraqair accessories, tailoring and knitwear Made in Italy from premium quality and eco friendly materials. Pure silk, organic cotton. Sustainable luxury fashion.

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Dress with Roses - FRAQAIRDress with Roses - FRAQAIR
Dress with Roses Sale price$386.00
Red Slip Dress - FRAQAIRRed Slip Dress - FRAQAIR
Red Slip Dress Sale price$166.00
Black Silk Dress - FRAQAIRBlack Silk Dress - FRAQAIR
Black Silk Dress Sale price$607.00
Black Formal Dress - FRAQAIRBlack Formal Dress - FRAQAIR
Black Formal Dress Sale price$386.00
White Silk Dress - FRAQAIRWhite Silk Dress - FRAQAIR
White Silk Dress Sale price$552.00
Black Silk Mini Dress - FRAQAIRBlack Silk Mini Dress - FRAQAIR
Black Silk Mini Dress Sale price$166.00
White Cotton Dress - FRAQAIRWhite Cotton Dress - FRAQAIR
White Cotton Dress Sale price$166.00
Cinderella Dress - FRAQAIRCinderella Dress - FRAQAIR
Cinderella Dress Sale price$243.00
Dusty Rose Dress - FRAQAIRDusty Rose Dress - FRAQAIR
Dusty Rose Dress Sale price$177.00
Black and White Dress - FRAQAIRBlack and White Dress - FRAQAIR
Black and White Dress Sale price$276.00
Blue Princess Dress - FRAQAIRBlue Princess Dress - FRAQAIR
Blue Princess Dress Sale price$199.00
Red Silk Dress - FRAQAIRRed Silk Dress - FRAQAIR
Red Silk Dress Sale price$552.00
Rose Print Dress - FRAQAIRRose Print Dress - FRAQAIR
Rose Print Dress Sale price$475.00
Pink Princess Dress with Roses - FRAQAIRPink Princess Dress with Roses - FRAQAIR