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Fraqair believes that every woman deserves to feel like a queen, whether she's attending a glamorous event or simply going about her daily routine. Fraqair's collection seamlessly blends couture elements with practicality, allowing women to incorporate a touch of luxury into their everyday lives. From elegant dresses that transition effortlessly from day to night to chic separates that can be mixed and matched, Fraqair offers versatile pieces that are both timeless and contemporary.

With our romantic silhouettes, couture elements, and commitment to quality, we have created a brand that allows women to feel like goddesses in their own right. Embrace the allure of Fraqair and let your inner beauty shine through.

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Save €100,00Pink Wedding Guest DressPink Wedding Guest Dress
Pink Wedding Guest Dress Sale price€350,00 Regular price€450,00
Dusty Rose Dress - FRAQAIRDusty Rose Dress - FRAQAIR
Dusty Rose Dress Sale price€160,00
Crochet Crop Top Pink - FRAQAIRCrochet Crop Top Pink - FRAQAIR
Pink Crop Top Sale price€250,00
White Midi DressWhite Midi Dress
White Midi Dress Sale price€500,00
red silk dressRed Silk Dress - FRAQAIR
Red Silk Dress Sale price€500,00
Black Silk Dress - FRAQAIRBlack Silk Dress - FRAQAIR
Black Silk Dress Sale price€550,00
Black Formal Dress - FRAQAIRBlack Formal Dress - FRAQAIR
Black Formal Dress Sale price€350,00
White Cotton Dress - FRAQAIRWhite Cotton Dress - FRAQAIR
White Cotton Dress Sale price€150,00
Black Silk Mini Dress - FRAQAIRBlack Silk Mini Dress - FRAQAIR
Black Silk Mini Dress Sale price€150,00
Red Mini DressRed Slip Dress - FRAQAIR
Red Mini Dress Sale price€150,00
Rose Print Dress - FRAQAIRRose Print Dress - FRAQAIR
Rose Print Dress Sale price€430,00
Dress with Roses - FRAQAIRDress with Roses - FRAQAIR
Dress with Roses Sale price€350,00
Cinderella Dress - FRAQAIRCinderella Dress - FRAQAIR
Cinderella Dress Sale price€220,00
Wool Skirt Blue - FRAQAIRWool Skirt Blue - FRAQAIR
Wool Skirt Blue Sale price€150,00
Blue Princess Dress - FRAQAIRBlue Princess Dress - FRAQAIR
Blue Princess Dress Sale price€180,00
Silk Black Crop Top - FRAQAIRSilk Black Crop Top - FRAQAIR
Silk Black Crop Top Sale price€150,00
Crochet Crop Top with Skirt - Amalfi Collection - FRAQAIR
White Silk Skirt - FRAQAIRWhite Silk Skirt - FRAQAIR
White Silk Skirt Sale price€380,00
Gold Diamond Dress - FRAQAIRGold Diamond Dress - FRAQAIR
Gold Diamond Dress Sale price€14.900,00
White Diamond Dress - FRAQAIRWhite Diamond Dress - FRAQAIR
White Diamond Dress Sale price€14.900,00
Diamond Dress - FRAQAIRDiamond Dress - FRAQAIR
Diamond Dress Sale price€12.500,00
Black Diamond Dress - FRAQAIRBlack Diamond Dress - FRAQAIR
Black Diamond Dress Sale price€12.900,00
Haute Couture Jadeite Pure Silk Dress - FRAQAIRHaute Couture Jadeite Pure Silk Dress - FRAQAIR