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The Luxury of Simplicity collection is a tribute to elegance, lightness, and self-confidence.
For leaders who wear their invisible crown. For women that believe in themselves and what they can do.
FRAQAIR's products are entirely Made in Italy by using Premium Quality & Eco-Friendly materials, such as pure silk, superior cashmere, and organic cotton, with the fine detail that characterizes the Maison.

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Dress with Roses - FRAQAIRDress with Roses - FRAQAIR
Dress with Roses Sale price€350,00
Red Mini DressRed Slip Dress - FRAQAIR
Red Mini Dress Sale price€150,00
White Silk Skirt - FRAQAIRWhite Silk Skirt - FRAQAIR
White Silk Skirt Sale price€380,00
Black Silk Dress - FRAQAIRBlack Silk Dress - FRAQAIR
Black Silk Dress Sale price€550,00
Black Formal Dress - FRAQAIRBlack Formal Dress - FRAQAIR
Black Formal Dress Sale price€350,00
White Midi DressWhite Midi Dress
White Midi Dress Sale price€500,00
Black Silk Mini Dress - FRAQAIRBlack Silk Mini Dress - FRAQAIR
Black Silk Mini Dress Sale price€150,00
Cinderella Dress - FRAQAIRCinderella Dress - FRAQAIR
Cinderella Dress Sale price€220,00
Silk Black Crop Top - FRAQAIRSilk Black Crop Top - FRAQAIR
Silk Black Crop Top Sale price€150,00
Dusty Rose Dress - FRAQAIRDusty Rose Dress - FRAQAIR
Dusty Rose Dress Sale price€160,00
Black and White Dress - FRAQAIRBlack and White Dress - FRAQAIR
Black and White Dress Sale price€250,00
Wool Skirt Blue - FRAQAIRWool Skirt Blue - FRAQAIR
Wool Skirt Blue Sale price€150,00
White Cotton Dress - FRAQAIRWhite Cotton Dress - FRAQAIR
White Cotton Dress Sale price€150,00
Wool Shorts Blue - FRAQAIRWool Shorts Blue - FRAQAIR
Wool Shorts Womens Sale price€170,00
Blue Princess Dress - FRAQAIRBlue Princess Dress - FRAQAIR
Blue Princess Dress Sale price€180,00
Cotton Blouse - FRAQAIRCotton Blouse - FRAQAIR
Cotton Blouse Sale price€120,00
red silk dressRed Silk Dress - FRAQAIR
Red Silk Dress Sale price€500,00
Rose Print Dress - FRAQAIRRose Print Dress - FRAQAIR
Rose Print Dress Sale price€430,00