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FRAQAIR's brand is Eco-Friendly and Made in Italy.

FRAQAIR is an Italian green luxury company operating in the field of fashion that produces ready-to-wear, bags and accessories of the highest quality. Her collection is totally Eco-Friendly and 100% Made in Italy, through the use of fine natural materials, such as pure silk, superior cashmere, and organic cotton. Exclusive and clear design. This and much more is the FRAQAIR brand, a Made in Italy pride that fully embraces the theme of Eco-Friendly.

In addition to creating a 100% natural and vegetarian line, FRAQAIR’s design Maison also practices sustainable production. The brand calls its approach “Responsible Luxury” «We are a company committed to operating a modern, honest, clean and ethical business. Supporting this project means having a careful and dutiful look at eco-sustainability, people, and places of production. In all of us, there must be a strong awareness of the absolute importance of respecting man and the environment, we would need a greater social commitment in the creation of sustainable value by all brands, starting with the most commercial ones».

All FRAQAIR fabrics are in fact traceable and certified, coming from the Italian textile excellence between Milan and Florence, colored  wherever there are prints  with dyes without heavy metals, and in precious and Eco-Friendly materials selected exclusively for FRAQAIR. The workshops for packaging & dyeing are at Km 0, all located around Milan to minimize the impact of transport on the environment. Contact us at to find all information you need on FRAQAIR.

FRAQAIR's project is a Sustainable fashion project.

«Quality is always in Fashion»

We are committed to always being responsible, honest, and accountable today, with a positive impact on people, the planet, and all its creatures so that we can protect it for tomorrow. We strive to create the most beautiful, desirable products with the least impact on our environment. As industry leaders, we endeavor to create the most cutting-edge materials and animal alternatives, continuing to push towards circularity and being fully transparent by developing tools to measure and report our impact. For the FRAQAIR company, being a brand that symbolizes fashion and luxury means knowing how to create unique products, combining aesthetics, quality, and innovation with a strong system of values. Not only is the company known for the inimitable hallmark style of its products, but also for the principles guiding its actions, which are laid down in its Code of Ethics. These principles are inspired by the concept of substance and the conviction that sustainability means, first and foremost, creating a system capable of enduring through time, with respect for all the resources that the company draws on and with the awareness that the future of generations to come depends on the choices of today. Not only is a change in the fashion industry desirable, but it is also necessary. The FRAQAIR company intends to make a concrete contribution, both directly, by taking action within its value chain, and collectively, by making its experience available to initiatives promoted by institutions and business groups in the sector.


Holding ourselves accountable to our values, we have been on a mission to create luxury fashion that doesn't compromise on desirability or sustainability. Making every action counts.

Against animal testing: none of our products are tested on animals. We respect a very strict ethical charter.

PVC free: in 2018, we began to phase out our use of PVC and, since 2021, all FRAQAIR products have been PVC free.

No Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) or azo dyes: PFCs are banned from use in our production. PFCs are used to make fabrics water repellent but are considered to be harmful for the environment – negatively impacting the reproduction and lives of aquatic organisms. Azo dyes are similarly banned from use in our supply chain and throughout Europe. 

No sandblasting: we do not sandblast our denim. This is a technique for distressing the material, giving it a worn-in look. However, the process of sandblasting has been shown to cause fatal lung diseases in the workers carrying out the process. Any distressing that is found on our denim has been done using methods that are safe for the people carrying them out. 

No mulesing: we source our wool from farms that are committed to the highest levels of animal welfare and environmental stewardship. We do not accept wool from farms that allow mulesing.


As a sustainable luxury fashion brand, we often find ourselves talking about products and the planet, but it is people who make it all happen – from the farmers who grow our materials to the conscious consumers who purchase them.

The future of fashion relies on people – the people who make clothes, the farmers who grow the crops for our materials, our employees, and our customers. We want to have a positive impact on everyone we depend on and on those who depend on us in return.

We understand that as a business, we have a responsibility to respect human rights. We follow the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights to guide us toward best practices in this area. We believe everybody in our supply chain should be treated with respect and dignity. We also believe each person should earn a fair wage and be recognized and valued equally. We aim to build modern and resilient supply chains that provide desirable jobs, foster people’s skills, strengthen workers’ voices and advocate for vulnerable groups.

We build open and collaborative relationships with our suppliers and take the time to understand the complexities and contexts of our sourcing regions. We engage with other brands, NGOs, industry experts, and other local stakeholders with the intention to manage impacts on people proactively and operate in the most responsible way possible. We are committed to playing our part in helping to create a better and more equal world, as envisioned in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Materials are the foundation of our sustainability initiatives. Forming the literal fabric of our Eco-Friendly mission, we combine nature’s gifts with cutting-edge human innovation to create the most desirable luxury fashion.

Our products are of the highest quality, totally Eco-Friendly, and 100% Made in Italy, through the use of fine natural materials, such as pure silk, superior cashmere, and organic cotton.

We are committed to reducing our waste and use of raw materials and and establishing a new, circular economy-based precedent for the fashion industry.

We believe that a modern business is one that benefits the economy, society, and the environment. We strive to make this happen by using innovative materials, promoting restorative farming practices, and designing products that are made to last.