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Wedding Gifts Gifts

Fragair's collection of "Wedding Gifts Gifts" is an exquisite range of products that is meticulously designed to exude sophistication and elegance. Each item in this collection is crafted with utmost care and precision in Italy, utilizing the finest raw materials sourced from all over the world. The highlight of this collection is the unique crochet techniques used in the making of each piece, which adds a touch of exclusivity and charm to the products. From sleek and stylish photo frames to luxurious and plush throws, Fragair's "Wedding Gifts Gifts" collection offers a range of products that are perfect for gifting on weddings or other special occasions.

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Home Couture Tablecloth Set with Napkins - FRAQAIRHome Couture Tablecloth Set with Napkins - FRAQAIR
Fraqair Handmade Wooden Wall Art - FRAQAIRFraqair Handmade Wooden Wall Art - FRAQAIR
Handmade Wooden Wall Art Sale price€1.500,00
Beige Throw Pillow - FRAQAIRBeige Throw Pillow - FRAQAIR
Beige Throw Pillow Sale price€550,00
Fraqair White Throw Pillow - FRAQAIRFraqair White Throw Pillow - FRAQAIR
White Throw Pillow Sale price€500,00
Fraqair Luxury Napkins 8 pz set - FRAQAIRFraqair Luxury Napkins 8 pz set - FRAQAIR
Luxury Napkins 8 pz set Sale price€160,00
Fraqair Luxury Home Decor Towel - FRAQAIR
Luxury Home Decor Towel Sale priceFrom €150,00